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Why You Should Never Measure CBD Hemp Oil In Drops

Why you should never measure CBD Hemp oil in drops

Let’s Run Through Our Top 4 Reasons Why you should never measure CBD Oil, or any essential oils for that matter, in drops.

1. You Cannot Get Accuracy with Drops

It is almost impossible to gain accuracy in the weight of oil drops. The weight of each drop will vary depending on what oil you use, where it’s from, how it’s decanted, what its viscosity is, the dropper nozzle, human error, and more.

2. Different Oils Have a Different Density

A drop will be a different size and weight, depending on the oil you use. Some oils will yield large drops; others will be thin and runny and pour out of the bottle in tiny droplets that don’t weigh much. So your formulation could call for 20 drops and for one oil that might be 0.3 grams, whereas for another that might be 0.9 grams. It’s simply not an accurate measurement tool.

3. You Probably Won’t Get the Same Result Twice.

Drops are so inaccurate in terms of weight that you can weigh the same number of drops from the same bottle of hemp oil several times, and you are likely to get a different result.

4. Human Error

The opportunity for human error is enormous. You can easily get distracted by something happening around you, and you can lose count. You don’t have equipment measuring the drops for you, so you rely on your ability to count to 20. I like to think that I’m pretty good at counting to 20, but even so, I had to keep myself in check a few times as life was passing me.

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In Conclusion: So how should you measure CBD oil?

Measuring oils should be done by milliliters (ml). crayoHemp CBD oils come with a plastic dropper, marked with ml lines for accurate measuring. Use our DOSAGE-CALCULATOR to calculate the recommended dosage for your pet.

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