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Relieve your anxiety and improve your pet's life.

popular uses for cbd oil

Crayolex crayohemp STRESS & ANXIETY CBD Oil

Stress & anxiety

CBD can help calm pets experiencing separation anxiety, travel anxiety, and loud noises. 

Crayolex crayohemp JOINTS & MOBILITY CBD Oil

joints & mobility

CBD has shown to relieve pet's aching joints, allowing them to take long walks and run again.

Crayolex crayohemp EPILEPSY & SEIZURES CBD Oil

epilepsy & seizures

CBD can reduce your pet's seizures and in some cases, eliminate them.

Crayolex crayohemp PAIN & INFLAMMATION CBD Oil

pain & inflammation

Chronic inflammation is painful and can prevent your pet's ailments from healing properly. CBD has been used to soothe chronic inflammation and relieve the pain.

Crayolex crayohemp AGING & HEART WELLNESS CBD Oil

Aging & Heart Wellness

CBD can promote a strong, healthy heart that is vital for pets to live a long and healthy life.

Crayolex crayohemp DIGESTIVE & NAUSEA CBD Oil

Digestive & Nausea

Nausea, vomiting, and pain commonly cause loss of appetite. crayoHemp CBD can help to alleviate these symptoms.

Crayolex crayohemp SKIN & ALLERGIES CBD Oil


Obsessive itching, licking, or biting are all signs of skin allergies. CBD has been shown to help skin disorders and allergies.

Crayolex crayohemp CANCER & TUMORS CBD Oil

Cancer & Tumors

Pets with cancer often have chronic pain. crayoHemp CBD can help reduce that pain, allowing your boy or girl to feel comfortable during these difficult times.

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