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With every purchase, we'll create a video photo-montage to celebrate some of your pets' most cherished photos for all to enjoy!

Don't leave your pets' memories in the cloud. Allow us to savor your pets' memories by creating a FREE, personalized video from their favorite pictures. Enjoy!

Share your video and receive exclusive discounts or free products! (details in the FAQs below)

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Get a $100 Video Photo-Montage of Your Pet - Free!

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With every purchase, you will be eligible for one new video. We will transfer your pet photos into a video montage, free of charge, and create a beautiful video slideshow presentation set to music.


Order Your video in 3 easy steps

Even something free can be simple.


1. Choose a title

Pick a fun, personal title for your video. For example, "Meatballs' Summer Trip 2018"


2. Choose music

Choose background music for your video from the copyright-free music choices below.


3. Send your pictures

Sending us pictures is a breeze by using our online video order form below.

Example Video Photo-Montage


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Copyright-free songs

Choose any song. We will remix your song to match the length of the video!

Note the song name and select it in the "Video Order" section below.


  • "Beautiful Moments"

  • "Creative Visions"

  • "Timeless"

  • "Romantic"

  • "Anything Can Come True"


  • "Happy Upbeat"

  • "Happy Funny Kids"

  • "Happy"

  • "Feel Good"

  • "Be Happy"


  • "Luca Clerici"

  • "Corporate Inspirations"

  • "Get to the Top"

  • "Inspiration for Success"

  • "This Is My Year"

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find an answer to your question and still need help, please contact us.

Ordering a Video

NOTE: You can choose any of the songs listed above. We will remix your selected song to match the video duration. The duration and pace of the video will depend on the number of pictures you send. For example, if you send 18 pictures, the duration will be about 1.5-minutes (like the example video above,) and each pictures will be displayed for about 2-3 seconds. 


How do I order a video?

Just fill out the "Video Order Form" at the bottom of this page and click "submit." When you order a video, you need to provide an order number from a purchase made on this site. Each purchase order number is valid for one video. You can find your order numbers on your account page here.

Is it really free?

Absolutely! Every purchase on the Crayolex site after Feb 15, 2020, made by loyal customers like yourself, are eligible to receive a free video.

Am I eligible if I purchased on the site with a coupon\discount?

Yes! Only purchases with a 100% discount coupon are not eligible.

Can I include videos or just pictures?

You can only choose pictures for the video montage.

Can I purchase a video without a purchase on the site?

At this time, we do not have an option to purchase a video without purchasing on the site. But consider buying a product for a friends' pet and keeping the video for your pet!

I really can't afford to purchase on the site now! Are there other options?

Yes, there is! Please read the "Social Sharing" section below to learn how.

How do I get free product with the "Social Sharing" plan?


How do I pick a title?

Think of a title personalized for you. Then, just type your title in the "Video Order Form" below.

Can I have more than one title?

You can only choose one title for the start of the video.


How do I choose background music?

Scroll up this page or click here, where you can play and listen to a selection of copyright-free songs. Note the name of the song you want and select it in the "Video Order Form" below. Remember, don't mind the length of the music track. You choose the duration of the video, and we will remix the song to fit.

Can I just give you the name of a song or a YouTube link?

Unfortunately, no. We strictly adhere to copyright laws. Therefore, we have chosen a few selected songs for your video which are copyright-free.


How do I send pictures?

Just upload your pictures in the "video order form" below.Remember, with the drag-and-drop box, after you select files, you must first click "Begin Upload" before you can submit the form.With both the drag-and-drop and the browse options, you can select multiple files at once, but each file cannot exceed 10 MB. 

How many pictures can I choose?

You can choose a maximum of 25 pictures. It is not recommended to send less than 10 pictures.

Do pictures need to be a specific format?

The pictures should be in one of the standard image formats: jpg, jpeg, png. If you need to convert a different format, please contact us at video@crayolex.com

Can I use low-quality pictures downloaded from Facebook or Whatsapp?

The higher the quality of the pictures, the better they will look in the video. So, it's always better to send originals though we can work with both.

How do you decide the order in which things appear?

On the "Video Order Form" below, choose if you would like your pictures to be in a specific order. If you do, please rename all of the pictures by adding chronological numbers to the file names (e.g., 001_my_pet, 002_hello,_kitty, 003_in_the_sun, etc.)


How long will the editing take?

The final video should be ready within 2-4 business days.

How do I receive the finished video?

You will receive a download link to your email where you will be able to download the video.

Can I get the video in different formats?

The final video will be high-quality, mp4 H.264 format, matching or higher than social media standards, so you will be able to share and enjoy it with no problem.

Do you offer revisions?

We do not offer revisions unless it is for something caused by a fault of our own. For example, if we made a mistake in any of the details you submitted on the video order form. In this case, please contact us at video@crayolex.com.

A Picture Paints 1,000 Words and a Video Paints 1,000 Pictures.

Let us give something back to you. Without your loyalty, we would not be here.

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