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About the author.

If a cat has nine lives, Zvi Twersky has the lives of about nine cats. He was hospitalized multiple times in the course of saving lives as an advanced EMT, combat medic, Iraq war medal recipient, ambulance driver, and phlebotomist during his 30 years of service. He is no stranger to danger, from suffering injuries while carrying people from burning houses to getting CO poisoning while treating victims at a carbon monoxide leak incident. From fainting while extracting soldiers from a flipped army jeep to collecting body parts at bombings in Israel. Currently, he has five children and eight grandchildren, and his life-saving mission continues.

From the author: “I come from a family of doctors. I am grateful to my entire family for their support and encouragement in helping me create the best medical crossword puzzle book, and all types of puzzle books.”

Zvi Twersky

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